NELFLY Technology was established in 2012, adhering to innovative ideas, continuous research and development of space fragrance smell presentation, focusing on fragrance technology for healthy life. We pursue to technology creates the future, and fragrance changes space smell. Using the scent of nature and innovative technological makes the city and space fulfill with the feast of the fragrant nature.

As a fragrance machine equipment manufacturer, NELFLY has established an innovative scientific research center and a product design center at the first beginning. Relying on leading technology, professional design team and strong production capacity, we can meet customized needs while supplying current products.

NELFLY has been committed to providing "olfactory marketing solutions" space fragrance solutions for brands in various industries, focusing on "fragrance" products and services. Serving at real estate, hotels, beauty institutions, chain shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants and many other industries. At present, NELFLY fragrance diffuser are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, especially Europe, the United States and the Middle East market.

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Safety inspection, quality ingenious

The diffuser has passed the RoHS environmental protection material test and can be used safely and confidence;

The diffuser has obtained the appearance patent certificate;

Essential oil SGS test, every drop of essential oil does not contain harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde.

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Innovative technology

Intelligent dual control: wechat applet remote control setting/LCD touch setting;

Innovative technology: nano-spray technology, double-liquid spray technology, fragrance is continuous and stable;

Intelligent timing: switch on and off time and running period can be set, fragrance intensity can be adjusted;

Multi-application: It can be connected to large and medium-sized combined ventilation system and air conditioning system, or can be used independently.